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WaterPro Newsletter


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WaterPro was a newsletter created by MCWD for people who work on water issues. You can view past issues of WaterPro by clicking on the links below. Sign up for MCWD's weekly Splash e-newsletter.


Most Recent newsletter:

  • May 2011:  Information on Wetland Regulations


Archived newsletters:

  • November 2010: Subscribe to WaterPro, MCWD's electronic news for people working with water issues
  • Fall 2007: Jump In! MCWD Celebrates 40 Years; Watershed Heroes Awards Gala; Meet New Land Conservation staff; Green Roofs; 40 Years of Water Management: A Look Back; Traveling Exhibit Tells Story of Watershed Changes; $100,000 in Grant Funds Available; Rules Task Force Update
  • Winter 2007: MCWD Adds Value to Your Education Program; Winter Infiltration; 20 Million Dollars for Conservation; Cynthia Krieg Watershed Stewardship Grants Awarded; District Seeks Rules Task Force Members; Ten Year Plan Approved by Board
  • Fall 2006: MCWD Releases Draft 10-Year Plan; Street Width; District Takes Lead on TMDLs, Udai Singh, District Water Quality Specialist; MCWD Managers Attend Big Island Park Ceremony
  • Summer 2006: Make the Most of Your Comprehensive Plan; Parking Lot Vegetated Swales; Former Farm to Protect Water; Harbor Wildlife; DNR Shoreland Vegetation Grants; New Features at Minnehaha Creek Headwaters; Angela Hammers New District Technician; Jeff Casale Joins MCWD Board of Managers
  • Winter 2006: MCWD sponsors Low Impact Development Conference; The New Minnesota Stormwater Manual; Satellite Water Quality Information; Correction: Orono Buffer Rules; District Purchases 36-acre Farm; MCWD Finalizing Plans; Wojtysiak Joins District as Compliance Officer
  • Fall 2005: Low Impact Development (LID); Orono sets Buffer Rules; Grants for Stewardship; District Staff Changes
  • Spring 2005: Wet Ponds - Increased Effectiveness through More Frequent Maintenance; Solar bees - Landing this summer in Stubbs Bay, DNR Veteran named new MCWD Communication and Education Coordinator
  • Fall 2004: Exotics in the Minnehaha Creek Watershed; Dr. Lorin Hatch joins MCWD as Water Quality Specialist; Boy Scouts named Watershed Heroes for Cleaning up Minnehaha Creek
  • Summer 2004: New MPCA Water Quality Standards Coming; Performance Based Rules; Restaurateur Lee Keeley appointed to MCWD Board
  • Spring 2004: New ways to Educate about Water Resources; Green Roofs Reduce Runoff; New Board Members Named
  • Fall 2003: Waterwise: Proposed Rule M guidelines for Buffers; Excerpts of technical Fact Sheet on Buffers; Trillium Bay Homeowner's Association buffer project
  • Summer 2003: Waterwise: Arboretum Porous Pavement Demonstration; MCWD Adds Staff; Shoreline Resident Example: Kathy and Carl Newman; Fulton Neighborhood Cynthia Krieg Project
  • Spring 2003: Waterwise: City of Plymouth; Gleason Lake Homeowner's Association; West Nile Virus; Wetland Functions and Values Assessment; MCWD/NPDES Rules and Permits
  • Winter 2002: Waterwise: City of St. Louis Park; Updated MCWD Mission Statement; Watershed Hero's Award - Wes Skoglund, Dennis Ozment, Julie Sabo, Victor Gilbertson
  • Spring 2002: Waterwise: City of Minnetrista; New Permit Brochure; Nokomis Award; Jennings Bay Report; Meet Renae Schubert
  • Winter 2001: City Highlight: Minnetonka; BMP's and the Bioretention concept; Rain Garden Testing; Jo Colleran: Minnetonka Environmental Coordinator