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Stormwater Adaptation Study First Forum


Latham Stack at ForumCommunity members gathered Tuesday, May 15 at the St. Louis Park and Rec Center to discuss shifting rainfall patterns and its impact on urban runoff and water quality in our area. The Forum included an introduction to the Minnehaha Creek Watershed Stormwater Adaptation Study*. The purpose of the forum was to introduce the community to the project and determine their priorities and perceptions. Also, to provide researchers a better idea of the risks, barriers, challenges, resources, and needs indicated by the community regarding stormwater adaptation.'

Four work groups formed from this forum. Learn more about each and sign up to be involved here

Presentations Included:

Mark Seeley at Forum

Climate Trends

Presented by: Mark Seeley, University of Minnesota

Mark Seeley presented on current and historic precipitation patterns in our region.

Lois Eberhart Presenting at Forum

City Perspectives and Stormwater Management

City of Minneapolis and City of Victoria representatives discussed local stormwater infrastructure, extreme weather events, and any actions currently being undertaken in each city.

 Cara Geheren Presenting at Forum 

City of Minneapolis, Presented by: Lois Eberhart, City of Minneapolis

City of Victoria, Presented by: Cara Geheren, City of Victoria

Michael Simpson Presenting at Forum

Overview of the Project

Presented by: Michael Simpson, Antioch University NE

 Michael Simpson, Principal Investigator, will introduce the MCWD Stormwater Adaptation Study and highlight the project purpose, goals, expected outcomes, and limitations.

Jim Gruber at the First Forum

Small Group Exercise

Facilitated by: Jim Gruber, Antioch University NE

A guided activity to identify perceptions on some of the issues communities in the region face regarding changing weather patterns and stormwater management.


Develop Work Groups

Facilitated by: Jim Gruber, Antioch University NE

These working groups will meet twice in the fall 2012 to discuss issues pertaining to stormwater adaptation.


Additional Information:


Video of the forum:

*This project is funded through Syntectic International, LLC, under a grant from The Climate Program Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.