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Request for Proposals for Landscape Architecture, Engineering, and Architectural Design

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (District) and the City of Victoria (City) are seeking a qualified consultant to provide landscape architecture, engineering design, and architectural design services for the Wassermann Lake Park project. The project involves design, cost analysis, plans and specifications, interpretive planning, permitting, and joint public engagement with the District and City for the construction of park amenities on this site.

MCWD and the City will host an informational meeting on this RFP on July 9, 2019 at 1:00 pm at Victoria City Hall. You are encouraged to RSVP to Anna Brown, MCWD Planner-Project Manager and to send any questions you have by July 8 at 4:00pm.

Please sign up to receive email project updates during the RFP process.

Project Description:

This project is a partnership between the City and District to implement a shared vision of clean water, enhanced environmental resources, and high quality open space for passive recreation. This is a shared project, and both the City and District will be engaged in the design process. The final design will require approval by both the City Council and the District Board of Managers, and the warranty associated with the design will run to both the District and City.

The Wassermann Park site is approximately 33.5 acres, including 16 acres of wetland, 6 acres of open water, 8 acres of upland, 700 feet of stream channel, and an undisturbed wooded bluff along the shoreline. The site is an identified source of phosphorus pollution to Wassermann Lake, an impaired water body. The project both supports the District’s mission to protect and enhance high value conservation land and improve water quality on priority water bodies, and the City’s goal of providing public access and fulfilling its broader park, trail, and open space goals.

Beginning in 2017, the District and City entered a partnership to develop a shared vision for park improvements on the site. More information can be found in the request for proposals document.

Submittal Information:

The full request for proposal document can be found linked below. Please submit proposals to Anna Brown no later than 4:00pm on July 22, 2019. Digital copies are sufficient, but if you prefer submittal of a paper copy, please drop them off at the MCWD office at 15320 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55345.