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Low Impact Development (LID)

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) Permitting department works with developers or cities who share common goals of improving water quality and reducing the impact of development on the environment.   Often, these goals can be combined with an even more profitable outcome in the form of low impact development as opposed to traditional development practices.  

Low-impact development emphasizes the use of manmade, semi-natural features to mimic natural functions and promote infiltration and reuse of stormwater at the development site for the benefit of water quality. The MCWD has partnered with several communities to construct low-impact, environmentally friendly practices in several suburban areas in conjunction with community redevelopment projects. The cost of these projects is shared with the developer or city and the benefits are shared by the community at large who is able to enjoy a more natural and environmentally friendly design.

Goals of LID

  1. Conserve natural areas
  2. Minimize development impacts
  3. Maintain site runoff rate
  4. Use integrated management practices for volume control
  5. Implement pollution prevention, proper maintenance and public education programs


More information on low impact development

For questions on current or past LID projects contact the Permitting Department staff

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