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Cottageville Park expansion


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Bench along creek at Cottageville ParkCottageville Park, which was hidden from public view and faced issues of crime and wear for years, has been expanded into a community amenity that features a restored Minnehaha Creek.  The project, which transformed Cottageville Park into a crown jewel of the Blake Road corridor, was made possible by an innovative partnership between the City of Hopkins, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, the Blake Road Corridor Collaborative and the Clean Water, Land & Legacy Fund. It is part of Minnehaha Creek Greenway, a stretch of more than 109 acres of continuous green space constructed or planned for construction along Minnehaha Creek in the area. 

The project is part of a larger mission to restore Minnehaha Creek through its most heavily urbanized portion. By acting in partnership, the City of Hopkins and MCWD are able to leverage funds to better achieve each organization's goals. The MCWD also received a $483,000 grant from the Clean Water Land & Legacy Fund to help fund the water quality improvements. 

Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment logoMinnehaha Creek benefits

  • Treats 22 acres of polluted stormwater that previously flowed untreated into Minnehaha Creek
  • Keeps 26 pounds of phosphorus per year from entering Minnehaha Creek (1 pound of phosphorus can equal up to 500 pounds of algae)
  • Keeps 2.8 tons of sediment from entering Minnehaha Creek per year
  • Uses vegetation to restore 400 feet of streambank, reducing erosion and catching stormwater before it enters the creek
  • Improves habitat for fish and wildlife
  • Opens up creek to the community where it was previously hidden

Community benefits

  • Creates 4 acres of parkland in a highly developed area
  • Makes park more publicly visible, reducing crime and safety issues
  • Adds new play area, community garden, trails, lighting and signage

Before and after aerials of Cottageville Park

Project elements

Phase 1

  • Green Lawn with stormwater management system below
  • Educational exhibits
  • Creek access stepping stones and seating
  • Restored shoreline on both banks of creek
  • Community Garden
  • Alleyway improvement

Phase 2

  • Gateway park at the corner of Blake and Lake
  • Creek overlook park and more educational exhibits