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Industrial Stormwater Program

On April 5, 2010, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) put into effect the Industrial Stormwater Multi-Sector General Permit.  It requires facilities with Narrative Activities and Primary Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes that fall under any of the 29 sectors of industrial activity summarized below (and in Table 5 of Appendix D of the General Permit) to obtain permit coverage or certify a condition of No Exposure.  Eligibility for this permit is limited to facilities with an industrial activity (SIC code(s) or narrative activity) as defined in 40 CFR §122.26(b)(14)(i)-(xi), except (x).  Updated July 2010

29 Regulated Sectors of Industrial Activity:
Sector A - Timber Products
Sector B - Paper and Allied Products Manufacturing
Sector C - Chemical and Allied Products Manufacturing
Sector D - Asphalt Paving and Roofing Materials and Lubricant Manufacturing
Sector E - Glass, Clay, Cement,
Concrete, and Gypsum Products
Sector F - Primary Metals
Sector G - Metal Mining (Ore Mining and Dressing)
Sector H - Coal Mines and Coal Mining-Related Facilities
Sector I - Oil and Gas Extraction and Refining
Sector J - Mineral Mining and Dressing
Sector K - Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, or Disposal Facilities
Sector L - Landfills and Land Application Sites
Sector M - Automobile Salvage Yards
Sector N - Scrap Recycling and Waste Recycling Facilities
Sector O - Steam Electric Generating Facilities
Sector P - Land Transportation and Warehousing
Sector Q - Water Transportation
Sector R - Ship and Boat Building and Repair Yards
Sector S - Air Transportation
Sector T - Treatment Works
Sector U - Food and Kindred Products
Sector V - Textile Mills, Apparel, and Other Fabric Products Manufacturing
Sector W - Furniture and Fixtures
Sector X - Printing and Publishing
Sector Y - Rubber, Miscellaneous Plastic Products, and Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries
Sector Z - Leather Tanning and Finishing
Sector AA -  Fabricated Metal Products
Sector AB - Transportation Equipment and Industrial or Commercial Machinery
Sector AC - Electronic and Electrical  Equipment and Components, Photographic and Optical Goods

Now that the permit is in effect, all regulated facilities are required to apply by the following deadlines (based on your sector):

Sector Group 1Sector Group 2Sector Group 3
Deadline: ASAP
(June 7, 2010)
AUGUST 6, 2010
OCTOBER 5, 2010
Sectors: A, C, D, E, F, G, I, J, L, M, N, Q, Y, and AASectors: H, K, O, P, R, S, Z, and ACSectors: B, T, U, V, W, X, and

*Note: Even if the deadline has passed, you can still apply.

The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, through an agreement with the MPCA, will be overseeing the implementation of this program for facilities within the boundaries of the District.  Our staff is available to assist you in understanding the requirements and how they apply to your facility.  Feel free to contact the Permitting Department staff at 952-471-0532 with any questions.

Visit the MPCA Industrial Stormwater Program's web page to:

  •     Learn about 14 steps to compliance
  •     Obtain application, instructions and fact sheets
  •     Submit a question to the program
  •     Sign up to receive e-mail updates
  •     Contact program staff