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When Will I Get My Permit?

The time required to receive a Minnehaha Creek Watershed District permit is contingent upon staff workload, the complexity of the project, need for public comment, need for review by the District engineer, and the quality and completeness of submitted materials.

The Following Timeline is a GUIDE for Processing Permit Applications:

MCWD Staff must respond to the applicant on the status of the permit application within 15 business days of its receipt.  In this response, staff will inform the applicant of any missing materials or will issue the permit if all required materials have been received. 

The District shall act within 45 days of receipt of a complete application and set of exhibits in compliance with the submittal requirements of these rules, as determined by the District.

  • Permit applications which require engineer review or public notice can take up to the entire 45 days
  • Permits which do not require engineer review or public notice can be processed much more quickly

These fact sheets lay out the general timeline for obtaining a permit:

See the Procedural Requirements rule for a full explanation of district permitting procedures