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Commonly Used Acronyms


    * ACE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (federal)
    * ACOE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (federal)
    * BWSR: Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (state)
    * CHS: Community Health Services
    * COE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (federal)
    * DNR: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (state)
    * DOER: Department of Employee Relations (state)<--break->
    * EPA: Environmental Protection Agency (federal)
    * FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency (federal)
    * HUD: Housing and Urban Development Department (federal )
    * LCMR: Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (state)
    * LGU: Local Government Unit (local)
    * MDA: Minnesota Department of Agriculture (state)
    * MDH: Minnesota Department of Health (state)
    * MES: University of Minnesota Extension Service (state)
    * MGS: Minnesota Geological Survey (state)
    * MPCA: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (state)
    * NRCS: Natural Resources Conservation Service (federal)
    * OWM: Office of Waste Management (state)
    * PCA: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (state)
    * RC&D: Resource Conservation & Development Program (federal)
    * RDC: Regional Development Commission (regional)
    * SWCD: Soil and Water Conservation District (local)
    * USFWS: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (federal)
    * WD: Watershed District (local)
    * WMO: Watershed Management Organization (local)


    * ADA: Association of (Watershed) District Administrators (state)
    * AMC: Association of Minnesota Counties (state)
    * MACDE: Minnesota Association of Conservation District Employees (state)
    * MACPZA: Minnesota Association of County Planning and Zoning Administrators (state)
    * MASWCD: Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (state)
    * MAWD: Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts (state)
    * MLA: Minnesota Lakes Association (state)
    * NACD: National Association of Conservation Districts (national)
    * SWCS: Soil and Water Conservation Society (international)


    * ACP: Agricultural Conservation Program (federal)
    * CLWP: Comprehensive Local Water Planning (state)
    * CRP: Conservation Reserve Program (federal)
    * FDR: Flood Damage Reduction (federal)
    * LAP: Lake Assessment Program (state)
    * MFIP: Minnesota Forestry Improvement Program (state)
    * RIM: Reinvest in Minnesota Program (state)
    * SLR: Streambank, Lakeshore, and Roadside Program (state)
    * WCA: Wetland Conservation Act (state)