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Note: Permitting during MCWD's office closure due to COVID-19

MCWD's office remains closed in response to COVID-19. Permitting staff continue to receive and process permits normally, and endeavor to provide a high level of responsive, customer service.  As the office remains closed, and permitting staff continue to work remotely, please allow for additional time for responses and permits to be processed.  When possible, please submit questions and inquiries via email to or directly to a staff member with whom you are working with or have previously worked with.  The permitting staff directory can be found here.

All permits and permit materials should be submitted through MCWD's online permitting portal. MCWD will continue to accept applications via paper or e-mail through May 17. If you need a specific point of contact is needed, please reach out to Permitting Manager, Kayla Westerlund at or 952-473-2855, and your question can be routed appropriately.

About the MCWD permitting program: 

To ensure reasonable and consistent standards that will protect the region's water resources for generations to come, the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) is charged by state law to issue and monitor permits. Through the permitting process, the MCWD works with property owners and local governments to prevent irreversible damage to the area's natural resources. Ultimately, the goal is to balance property owners' use of their property with ensuring the protection and management of water and surrounding resources so that residents and visitors can enjoy local lakes, rivers, and streams.

OPEN MCWD launches online permitting system

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