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Land Conservation Program

Trees in the woodsMinnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) operates a Land Conservation Program to conserve natural resource areas throughout the watershed to protect and enhance water resources and ecological integrity. The Land Conservation Program conserves, restores, and enhances green infrastructure for: regional stormwater management, regional management of sediment and phosphorus runoff, corridor protection, habitat restoration, and other water resources benefits.

The District may acquire land in fee title or may acquire a conservation easement or lesser interest on a site from willing landowners. In addition to MCWD's acquisition of land and land rights, the Land Conservation Program assists landowners and local units of government in exploring conservation options, encourages natural-resource oriented land management and ecological restoration, facilitates conservation by participating in local land use planning and assisting in technical evaluations, serves as a conservation easement holder, and supports financial and partnership opportunities for landowners and other partners.

When MCWD acquires land or an easement, the District will prepare a management plan and evaluate restoration opportunities, such as remeandering the creek, installing erosion control, stabilizing banks, installing local stormwater management features, restoring wetlands, removing drainage tiles, planting native vegetation, and controlling invasive species.

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