Thoughtful Landscapes in a Changing World

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Event DescriptionThoughtful Landscapes in a Changing World

April 18th, 7:00-8:30 PM at the Bakken Museum in Minneapolis.

Climate change will stress our landscape with hotter summers and less frequent, but more intense storm events. These, among other effects, make it clear that it is time to increase carbon seques­tration (by plants) and decrease fossil fuel consumption. Learn new ways to build and manage landscapes to create a healthier, more resilient environment. This talk focuses on solutions to the prob­lem of climate change, and specifically, landscape techniques that reduce the use of fossil fuels, fertilizers, pesticides, and water while increasing carbon sequestra­tion. It begins with the basics: soil, water, and plants.

About the Presenter:

Fred Rozumalski is an ecologist and landscape architect employed in the water resources division of Barr Engineering Company in Minneapolis, MN.  His design work spans from creating ecological stormwater systems and restoring native plant communities to sustainable campus planning, and Living Streets design.  His work strives to regenerate ecological systems in built environments, while accommodating the needs of people. Fred is also a lecturer on issues of water conservation, soil regeneration and human adaptation to our changing climate.