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Installing Turf Alternatives - Edina

Thursday, April 11, 2019
Start Time: 
End Time: 
Edina Public Works Building, 7450 Metro Blvd

Installing Turf Alternatives – Your Guide to a Low Maintenance Lawn, covers the advantages of using perennial ground covers to minimize the need for irrigation and chemical inputs while maximizing ecological benefits. It also demonstrates handy how-tos for replacing traditional turf by installing and maintaining two popular types of turf alternatives: Low Maintenance Lawns and Bee Lawns, which support pollinators and clean water.

Participants Learn:

  • The what, how & why of converting traditional lawn into low-input turf alternatives that support pollinators and clean water.
  • Presentation followed by questions and a facilitated discussion on common barriers.

Scholarships available upon request.

$15 per household

Register on the Metro Blooms website