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Permit 17-611 Public Notice

The MCWD is reviewing the following permit application.  MCWD Rules require notice to all property owners within 600' of the proposed permitted area as a courtesy, in the event there are any questions or concerns.

17-611:  David Gagne has applied for a Minnehaha Creek Watershed District permit for Erosion Control and Wetland Protection for the construction of a principal residential structure located at 1140 Wyndmere Drive in the city of Orono. The project would result in a 5000 square foot increase in impervious surface on the 3.61 acre lot which drains to Long Lake.

Individuals with questions or concerns regarding this permit may contact Chase Vanderbilt at 952-641-4580 or

Interested parties may request that a public hearing on this permit application be scheduled before the MCWD Board of Managers.  Requests for a public hearing must be in writing and received at the MCWD offices prior to 4:30 PM, January 22, 2018.

1140 Wyndmere Drive
Name of Applicant: 
David Gagne