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Oaks Properties LLC is proposing the construction of two multi-family residential complexes; one at 5310 Minnehaha Ave., and the other at 5371 Minnehaha Ave.  (Permit #18-437). MCWD regulates the project under our Erosion Control and Stormwater Management rules. Stormwater runoff from the sites will be directed to underground filtration systems which will provide water quality and quantity treatment.

Contact Cole Thompson with questions or concerns regarding the permit at or 952-641-4521. 

Permits are reviewed by staff for compliance with District rules. Interested parties may request that the permit be considered by the MCWD Board of Managers. Requests for board consideration must be in writing and received at the MCWD offices prior to 4:30 PM, November 20th, 2018.

5310 and 5371 Minnehaha Avenue, Minneapolis
Name of Applicant: 
Oaks Properties, LLC