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April 12, 2017 CAC Minutes

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

Citizens Advisory Committee


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

6:30 PM to 8:30 PM 

Community Room

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Offices

15320 Minnetonka Boulevard

Minnetonka, MN 55345




1.       Call meeting to order (Manser)

The regular meeting of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Citizens Advisory Committee was called to order at 6:35 p.m. in the Community Room at the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District offices.


2.       CAC Members Present

Bill Bushnell, Sliv Carlson, Jerry Ciardelli, Brad Coulthart, Colin Cox, Liz Crow, Brian Girard, John Grams, Linda Jahnke, Richard Manser, Steve Mohn, Richard Nyquist, David Oltmans, Peter Rechelbacher, Marc Rosenberg, and Neil Weber


Managers Present

Manager Bill Becker


Others Present

MCWD staff - Sarah Fellows, Mike Hayman


3.       Approval of Agenda

Carlson moves to approve, Oltmans seconds.


4.       Approval of Minutes

February 8, 2017

Nyquist moves to approve, Oltmans seconds.


5.       Report from Staff

50th Anniversary

The 50th anniversary year and events have begun.  The first event in March – Friends of the Mississippi River's State of the River report - was geared towards policymakers and was well attended.  The next policymaker event will be on May 4th featuring Steve Woods of the Freshwater Society.


The Community Engagement event series will kick off on April 29th with a stormdrain stenciling event in Edina, followed by a Kid's Fishing Clinic on May 6th.  CAC members can register online to attend or can email MCWD staff if they would like to serve in a leadership role.  CAC members are encouraged to choose at least 1 community engagement event to attend and promote within your community.  Staff will send out electronic flyers via email. 

Other MCWD Events
There is an ongoing rain barrel sale in St. Louis Park with distribution events in May.  St. Louis Park residents receive 50% off their rain barrel purchases.


Friends of the Mississippi River, as part of their 2016-2017 Cynthia Krieg award, will be hosting a Make and Take Rain Barrel workshop on May 25th.  The workshop costs $35 and you bring home a rain barrel ready for installation. 


MCWD's annual Earth Day Photo Contest ends on Friday, April 21st.  CAC members are encouraged to promote the contest.


MCWD was presented an award from Friends of Diamond Lake last week for our partnership on the Blooming Alley's project.  We're thankful for continued support and partnership from our neighborhood associations. 


6.       Report from CAC Members

Girard reported on the status update of Big Island.  CAC encourages MCWD staff to stay on top of the issue.


Oltmans reported on the event training hosted by MCWD staff Sarah Fellows & Darren Lochner for how to table at events.  Staff and Master Water Stewards volunteers were commended for their time and effort to promote clean water messages. 


Manser reported on a recent meeting between city of Edina staff and Master Water Stewards to improve communication and get to know the issues that each respective party is facing.


Manser suggested at each meeting, 1-2 CAC members talk briefly about their background and interests so that they may better work together.  CAC members were in agreement that this was a good idea.  Bushnell also brought up the idea of doing a CAC tour again.


CAC discussed the recent Star Tribune article on winter salt use and the need to decrease it.  Discussion included New Hampshire's limited liability law and what the status of that bill was in Minnesota.  Rechelbacher suggested exploring salt as a focus issue for CAC to increase outreach about.


Rosenberg reported on a Star Tribune article about a mercury sponge technology out of the University of Minnesota.  CAC agreed it would be an interesting presentation to hear from the scientists working on this project. 


Crow reported on the upcoming Water Action Day in St. Paul.  She will send details to MCWD staff to email to the entire CAC. 


Bushnell started a discussion on private weed harvesting and shoreline cleanup companies.  Discussion included the need to control these companies to prevent AIS spread and the need to stop the sale of chemical treatments in hardware stores.  CAC suggested they look into it more and the MCWD education department begin to educate residents on the rules of these chemicals.  

7.       Report from Board of Manager Liaison

The Board of Managers gives thanks to the CAC and appreciates their work.  The Board knows how much work and thoughtfulness the CAC puts into giving recommendations and talking to citizens on the ground about water issues.  The Board thanked the CAC for their hard work.


Moving forward, the budget will be the main focus at the Board level. The Board of Managers wants to make sure the proper resources are in place (including staff) to implement the strategic plan.  The Board believes MCWD has a great implementation plan prepared.


8.       New Business

8.1      MCWD Comprehensive Plan - Hayman

Planner - Project Manager Mike Hayman provided an update on the development of the District's 2017 Water Resources Management Plan (Comprehensive Plan). 


MCWD is currently in the process of updating its comprehensive plan and has continued to use the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to provide input and direction during the planning, engagement and drafting phases.  Central themes of the 2017 Plan include partnership and collaboration.  The District believes it will most successfully accomplish its mission by working with our partners to align water resource management efforts with community priorities in mind, creating added value for both land and water.


Prior to the draft 2017 Plan being released for 60 day comment, District staff wants to meet with the CAC to review the structure of the plan and collect additional input.  Staff will later provide draft materials and collect preliminary feedback from the CAC that will inform our process as we advance to public release. 


9.           Old Business

The cost share project slated for continued review has been pulled for now.   


10.        Special items to address by CAC / Staff before next meeting


11.        Adjourn – Next Meeting on May 10, 2017

Girard moved to adjourn at 8:30, Carlson second, All in favor

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