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Update on Wassermann West Waterfront Park

May 25, 2018

Concept design for Wassermann West Waterfront ParkAs part of our ten-year habitat and water quality improvement efforts in the Six Mile Creek – Halsted Bay Subwatershed, we are working in partnership with the City of Victoria to create a new park on the western shore of Wassermann Lake. The Wassermann West Waterfront Park project combines public access and recreation opportunities with natural resource improvements, balancing the natural and built environments while meeting community goals.

Victoria residents had an opportunity to share their input on what they would like to see in the park during the city’s comprehensive plan open house in January and at a project-specific open house in February. We are working with the city on the design of the park and are planning the natural resources improvements.

This fall, we plan to treat the Wassermann West Pond, just west of Wassermann Lake, with alum to help neutralize nutrients that are stored in the lake bottom and that ultimately flow into Wassermann Lake. Starting in 2019, we will begin stabilizing the stream in the ravine south of the planned park, while managing and replacing invasive species across seven acres of maple-basswood-oak woodland.

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