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GreenCorps Fight to Keep Salt Out of Minnesota Lakes

January 10, 2019

Three people sweeping salt into a dustpanSalty water is a growing problem in Minnesota that affects aquatic life and our drinking water. You might not realize that your use of a water softener or sidewalk salt contributes to a build-up of chlorides in our shared waterways. Fortunately, a new generation of Minnesota GreenCorps is hard at work raising awareness of chloride issues around the state.

Minnesota GreenCorps is a state-wide program coordinated by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency dedicated to training a new generation of environmental professionals. GreenCorps members tackle many pollution issues, including the growing crisis of excess salt in local lakes and streams. If salting continues at the current rate, local waterways may no longer support fish or plant life as soon as 2050.

“People are surprised and shocked when they learn that water softening is affecting lakes and rivers,” says Kate Johnson, a GreenCorps member in the City of Rogers. Most people don’t know that, once water is polluted with salt, there’s no simple or affordable way for wastewater plants to remove the chloride.

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