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Friday Feature: Metro Blooms

May 21, 2018

A group planting a blooming boulevardThe organization now known as Metro Blooms got its beginnings as the Blooming Boulevards program that was created by the City of Minneapolis’ Committee on Urban Environment in 1983. The goal of the Blooming Boulevards program was to promote and celebrate Minneapolis’ boulevard gardens, but over the years the mission (and name) of the organization has changed. Today, Metro Blooms promotes and celebrates resilient landscapes and resilient communities throughout the Twin Cities area, while also educating and engaging communities to become active stewards of our land and waters.  

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District partners with Metro Blooms to provide educational opportunities to residents within the Minnehaha Creek watershed about creating resilient yards, alternatives to turf, rain gardens, and more. Metro Blooms also coordinates the Blue Thumb - Planting for Clean Water partnership – a collaboration of local government agencies (including the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District), non-profits, and private organizations working together to improve water quality. We enjoy working with Metro Blooms and appreciate their work within the Minnehaha Creek watershed to teach residents how to promote clean water in their own neighborhoods!