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EcoFaith Network Puts Creation Care in Action

April 4, 2018

2 women and a man cleaning a storm drain in late winter
You might say that Emilie Bouvier was a born-and-raised watershed enthusiast. While growing up in Nebraska, each year her family observed the sandhill crane migration across the Platte River. She’s continually inspired by hearing stories that connect people to land and place.

Bouvier serves as the Congregational Organizer for Environmental Justice at the Minneapolis Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. She spearheads the EcoFaith Network’s watershed clean-up initiative, and this work has had a ripple effect both within and beyond her faith community.

Three years ago, Bouvier put her passion to work when she volunteered to join the Minneapolis Area Synod’s Creation Care Committee. The Minneapolis Area Synod serves 147 Lutheran congregations in the metro area, supporting church leaders, pastors, and deacons. In some ways, the synod also mirrors congregational structure by forming issue committees such as the Creation Care Committee.

Soon after starting as a volunteer, Bouvier saw the tremendous potential for the committee to adopt an environmental justice framework to empower church leaders to “take collective action.” This new framework resulted in a new committee name: the EcoFaith Network. Bouvier’s volunteer position soon grew into a full-time job, coordinating watershed stewardship across the synod.

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