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Big Watershed Game -- Neighbors By Way of Water

You are cordially invited to share in the making of a community-based?

Big Watershed Game --- Neighbors By Way of Water

A massive multiplayer game that uses the landscape as a game board. logo                       MCWD Logo

We LOVE water!!

What happened to make it so BAD CAT does NOT? Come and find out!!

Who doesn?t like to celebrate water?  BAD CAT, that's who! Why is he fouling up our fun?  He's grumpy because we spend so much time enjoying our lakes, streams and wetlands. Family along lake

If you and your family and friends like playing games, then join us in creating a game to foil BAD CAT and transform the game players into neighbors by way of water.  This is no ordinary game we?re designing; it will ultimately be played by massive numbers of people using the landscape of the Minnehaha Creek watershed as a game board to collaboratively learn about water preservation.

Northern, a local arts organization, is working with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District through the Cynthia Krieg Watershed Stewardship Grant program, and game artist Ken Eklund of WriterGuy LLC to develop this game. Why a game?  Community play is a great way to celebrate the connections between people and the lakes, streams and wetlands in our area, while building the relationships and the awareness that encourage more active and sustained public participation in local watershed management efforts. In the current phase of development, our focus is on fleshing out and testing the game concept and its key components.  Full scale launch of the game will occur in 2014.

Come Out & Play!

August 10, 2013, 9:30 AM - 1 PM. Rain or Shine. Lunch will be served.
Location: People playing a game with phonesLynnhurst Community Center - 1345 Minnehaha Parkway West, Minneapolis, MN 55419
Late Registration/Questions: Cindy Hilmoe, (651)757-2437

If you love getting outside... or love games... or love the idea of celebrating our natural and cultural resources through play outdoors, please join us on Saturday, August 10th for lunch and fun times! Test out the Big Watershed Game design, meet the game protagonists, Bad Cat and the Resistance, share ideas about how the game showcases the great work neighborhoods are doing to create a sense of community and stewardship.

We're creating a game intended for hundreds of people to play next summer, using the Minnehaha Creek Watershed as a giant game board. The idea of the game is to:

  • HAVE FUN!!!!! with each other and the game protagonists, BAD CAT and the RESISTANCE;
  • Get people out on the landscape playing with each other and seeing the places in which they live, work and play through a watershed lens;
  • Recognize and extend efforts by the neighborhoods to create a sense of stewardship and community through the creek, lakes, wetlands and their connection to the surrounding landscape.

RSVP using the form below by Thursday, August 8. 

Event will be held rain or shine!