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Tiffany Schaufler

Job Title: 
Senior Project Manager
Tiffany Schaufler
  • Ensures that District facilities and capital projects are maintained and operating as designed. 
  • Manages vegetation maintenance for capital projects and District acquired lands.
  • Develops and oversee natural resource restoration and management plans for District acquired lands.
  • Provides recommendations and construction oversight for vegetation components of new District capital projects.
  • Operates and maintains the Gray's Bay Dam. 
  • Notable projects: 
    • Managing the Six Mile Marsh Prairie Restoration Project to restore approximately 110 acres of previous farmland to 90 acres of prairie, 10 acres of wetland and 10 acres of oak savanna
    • Coordinating the Lake Nokomis Weir renovation project
    • Overseeing the maintenance dredging of four MCWD stormwater ponds
B.A., Geography (emphasis on Environmental Systems)