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The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) employs researchers, planners, monitoring teams, water quality experts, educators, and others who work collaboratively with residents, their communities, and state and local governments to maintain and sustain water quality and management.

Administrator | 952-641-4509
Job Title E-mail Phone
James Wisker District Administrator 952-641-4509
Communications and Education | 952-641-4533
Job Title E-mail Phone
Kim Labo Education and Engagement Coordinator 952-641-4507
Operations and Support Services | 952-641-4536
Job Title E-mail Phone
Cathy Reynolds Operations Manager 952-641-4503
Deb Johnson Assistant Operations Manager 952-471-0590
Permitting | 952-641-4532
Job Title E-mail Phone
Tom Dietrich Permitting Program Manager 952-473-2855
Grace Barlow Permitting Technician 952-641-4518
Heidi Quinn Permitting Technician 952-641-4504
Cole Thompson Permitting Technician 952-641-4521
Will Roach Permitting Assistant 952-641-4580
Erin Manlick Permitting Assistant 952-641-4586
Planning and Projects | 952-641-4531
Job Title E-mail Phone
Becky Christopher Policy Planning Manager 952-641-4512
Michael Hayman Project Planning Manager 952-471-8226
Gabe Sherman Planner - Project Manager 952-641-4510
Laura Domyancich Planner-Project Manager 952-641-4582
Anna Brown Planner - Project Manager 952-641-4522
Alex Steele GIS Technician 952-641-4581
Project Maintenance and Land Management | 952-641-4530
Job Title E-mail Phone
Tiffany Schaufler Project and Land Manager 952-641-4513
Janna Jonely Project and Land Management Technician 952-641-4523
Research and Monitoring | 952-641-4535
Job Title E-mail Phone
Brian Beck Research & Monitoring Program Manager 952-471-8306
Kailey Cermak Research & Monitoring Coordinator 952-641-4501
Tom Langer Aquatic Ecologist 952-471-7873
Jill Sweet Research & Monitoring Technician 952-930-1976
Chase Vanderbilt Research & Monitoring Field Assistant 952-641-4514