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Project Maintenance & Land Management

The Project Maintenance and Land Management program oversees the long-term maintenance of past capital projects and uses innovative approaches to manage land owned by the District or held by conservation easement.  This oversight ensures that projects maintain proper function thereby protecting the District's investment.  The future resiliency of projects and land is further enhanced by collaborative work with the Planning and Projects program.  The Project Maintenance and Land Management program contributes vegetation and restoration recommendations during the project design phase to ensure that new projects are successful and cost-efficient to maintain in the long-term.  Key elements under the direction of the Project Maintenance and Land Management Program include: 

  • Operating the Gray's Bay Dam
  • Overseeing the long-term maintenance for over 70 past capital projects and infrastructure
  • Overseeing the land management for the District's land which totals over 700 acres
  • Providing technical assistance on vegetation recommendations