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Planning and Projects

The Planning and Projects program works with watershed communities to ensure that management of our natural resources is integrated with that of other partners in the public, private, and civic sectors.  With a focus on genuine community collaboration, the District provides a strong foundation for protecting and improving our water resources while attaining the economic growth and high-quality built environment that will work to the benefit of all.  Some of the key elements under direction of the Planning and Projects program include:   

  • Implementation of the District's Comprehensive Water Resource Management Plan, including coordination and integration of programmatic activities to achieve the strategic objectives of the District.
  • Development of multi-jurisdictional, public and private partnerships to fund and implement the strategic objectives of the District and our partners.
  • Integration and coordination of District activities with member communities and public and private sector entities involved in water resource management, land-use planning, economic and community development, and transportation.
  • Management of all aspects of project development and implementation for the District's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) including feasibility, design, land acquisition and construction.  The CIP identifies projects that will progress the District towards achieving watershed goals.
  • Development and coordination of measurement, evaluation and reporting processes to demonstrate the effectiveness of District programs.
  • Research and identification of potential policy, programmatic and project initiatives consistent with established and emerging policy, resulting in recommendations to continue advancement of the organization.
  • Effectively utilizes resources by coordinating the strategic water resource objectives of the District with other federal, state, local and regional agencies, as well as private sector partners.