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Land & Water Partnership Initiative

Land & Water Partnership Initiative

In summer 2022, MCWD  launched the Land & Water Partnership Initiative to strengthen partnerships and inspire collaborative projects. We are engaging our cities and other public partners to help shape our new program and policy direction and explore how we can best continue building effective partnerships and projects of shared benefit in coming years.

We established a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) comprised of staff from the cities, counties, and park agencies in our watershed. The TAC will be meeting regularly from fall 2022-spring 2023 to advise MCWD on the topics described below. Learn more about the TAC and review meeting materials here.

Initiative Topics

  • Launching Our New Land and Water Partnership Program
    • We want to create partnerships where we understand local priorities and work together to create projects that advance mutual interests and produce broader community benefit. The TAC is helping review the framework for a new program that will provide technical and financial resources to support the development of impactful capital projects. We want to know how we can implement this program to support partner goals — and start talking about project ideas, too!
  • Optimizing the MCWD Permitting Experience
    • We recognize that permitting is a key way that we interact with land use partners every day. We’re rethinking our permitting experience to improve customer service, streamline the process, and promote early engagement in search of mutually beneficial partnerships that extend beyond our regulatory role.
  • Building Sustainable Connections for On-Going Collaboration
    • How can we best sustain on-going, proactive connections between land use and water management? What are the major initiatives and issues shaping our communities? Together we’ll brainstorm new bridges we can build to create continued synergy between land and water.

Opportunities for Public Partner Participation

In addition to the TAC, there are other ways for interested stakeholders to track and engage in this initiative.

  • Individual Meetings
    • We’re available to meet individually to hear your ideas and discuss partnership opportunities.
  • Early Pilot Project Engagement
    • If you have a capital project idea, reach out to us to see if it could be a good candidate for technical or financial support through our pilot Land and Water Partnership program, currently underway.
  • Stakeholder Gathering
    • At this event, planned for spring 2023, we will share the outcomes of the TAC process, including an overview of the MCWD program and policy developments and plans for ongoing engagement.  
  • Email Updates
    • Sign up to receive monthly initiative updates.


MCWD Staff Contact: 

Policy Planning Manager