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Restoration of Arden Park in Edina is Progressing

Project is restoring Minnehaha Creek and upgrading park amenities
Thursday, April 4, 2019

The winter phase of the restoration of Arden Park in the City of Edina is now complete. The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD), in partnership with the City of Edina, started construction on the restoration of Arden Park in December 2018. The winter work included removing the park shelter, playground, and pedestrian bridge, and improving the ecological health of Minnehaha Creek which flows through the park.

The natural resource improvements that were completed at Arden Park this winter include adding curves to Minnehaha Creek, removing woody invasive species, taking out the 4-foot dam at 54th Street to restore a flowing creek with pools and riffles, and rebuilding the streambanks.

“The first phase of the Arden Park restoration has been exciting to watch take shape,” said Laura Domyancich, MCWD Project Manager. “Seeing curves being added back to Minnehaha Creek, which will improve water quality and enhance recreational value, is a tangible example of how MCWD’s partnership with the City of Edina is contributing to the health and enjoyment of this community amenity.”  

Construction work will be reduced for the spring thaw and pick up again in early May when crews will install utilities and stormwater management features before shifting work to building trails and park facilities. The final creek restoration and the installation of new plantings and trees will occur in the summer. The new park shelter building and playground will be constructed prior to project completion in the fall of 2019.

“We are looking forward to the construction of park facilities starting this spring and summer,” said Ross Bintner, City of Edina Engineering Services Manager. “We are pleased with the progress so far and are looking forward to what this restoration will add to the neighborhood.”

The restoration work to date has been completed within budget. The project is being funded by the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and the City of Edina and has received three grants to support the work including $124,000 in Clean Water Funds from the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, $25,000 from the MN Department of Natural Resources’ Conservation Partners Legacy Fund, and $32,500 from Hennepin County’s Natural Resources Opportunity Fund.

Arden Park will remain closed throughout the rest of 2019 due to the ongoing construction and safety of residents. Playgrounds can be found at most city parks, including Garden, Highlands, Pamela, Todd, and Wooddale.

The restoration of Arden Park is part of a larger effort along Minnehaha Creek that is returning the formerly ditched and straightened stream into a healthy resource that connects and enhances communities. Project outcomes include a healthier creek, improved habitat for fish and wildlife, a larger and more diverse tree canopy, a drier green space, and more recreational opportunities.

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