CLOSE Education

One of the easiest ways you can help protect our water resources is to learn all about them. The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District supports educational programming to inspire residents and visitors to learn more about protecting and conserving our water resources. Explore the pages below to learn about threats to our water resources and efforts undertaken to restore water quality in our creeks, wetlands and lakes. 

What will you find on the Education Pages?

  • Watershed Basics - Start here. What is a watershed? How is it managed? What is MY role?
  • Stormwater Run-off - Why is it a problem?
  • Wetlands, Shorelines and Streambanks - What defines these areas and how can we work together to protect them?
  • Keep Our Water Clean At Home provides information on what you can do to protect clean water on your property.
  • Keep Our Water Clean In Our Communities provides information on what our cities and neighborhoods can and are doing to protect clean water.
  • Workshops and Events provides information on upcoming events.
  • Education Tools provides audience based resource lists.
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