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MCWD Lake Grades

For more information on the lake water quality grades, visit Understanding Lake Water Quality Grades. For more detailed data, visit our Annual Monitoring Reports page.

While these grades give a general sense of the health of a lake, they are far from the whole story. District researchers are developing a new, holistic way to understand the overall health of the watershed. The E-Grade program will use a wide array of criteria to evaluate not only lakes, but other natural resources throughout the watershed. It will begin rolling out in 2018. 

Read the 2016 Annual Research and Monitoring Report.

Christmas Lake Subwatershed

Lake 2016 Historic Average
Christmas  A A

Dutch Lake Subwatershed

Lake2016Historic Average

Gleason Lake Subwatershed

Lake 2016 Historic Average
Gleason C C
Kreatz (East) (Volunteer) n/a  
Mooney (Volunteer)D 
Snyder (West) (Volunteer) n/a  

Lake Minnetonka Subwatershed

Lake/Bay 2016 Historic Average
Minnetonka: Black n/a C
Minnetonka: Carman* n/a A
Minnetonka: Carsons A A
Minnetonka: Cooks A B
Minnetonka: Crystal A B
Minnetonka: Forest C D
Minnetonka: Grays A A
Minnetonka: Halsted C D
Minnetonka: Harrisons* n/a C
Minnetonka: Jennings D D
Minnetonka: Lafayette A A
Minnetonka: Lower Lake North* A A
Minnetonka: Lower Lake South A A
Minnetonka: Maxwell A B
Minnetonka: North Arm* A B
Minnetonka: Peavey C C
Minnetonka: Phelps* B A
Minnetonka: Priests B C
Minnetonka: Smithtown* A A
Minnetonka: Spring Park n/a A
Minnetonka: St. Albans A A
Minnetonka: Stubbs C C
Minnetonka: Wayzata A A
Minnetonka: West Arm n/a C
Minnetonka: West Upper B A
William (Volunteer) n/a  

Lake Virginia Subwatershed

Lake 2016 Historic Average
Minnewashta B B
Minnewastha - South Bay (CAMP) B
St. Joe (CAMP) B A
Virginia C C

Langdon Lake Subwatershed

Lake 2016 Historic Average
Langdon D D

Long Lake Creek Subwatershed

Lake 2016 Historic Average
Dickeys (Volunteer) B B
Holy Name (Volunteer) n/a  
Long  D C
Minnetonka: Tanager D D
Wolsfeld (Volunteer) D  

Minnehaha Creek Subwatershed

Lake/Pond 2016 Historic Average
Brownie (MPRB)C 
Calhoun/Bde Maka Ska (MPRB) A A
Cedar (MPRB) B B
Cobblecrest (CAMP) n/a F
Hannan (Volunteer)n/a 
Harriet (MPRB) A A
Hiawatha (MPRB) B C
Isles (MPRB) B C
Meadowbrook n/a  
Mother n/a  
Nokomis (MPRB) C C
Powderhorn (MPRB) D D
South Oak (CAMP) C D
Twin (CAMP) D D
Victoria (Volunteer) F  

Painter Creek Subwatershed

Lake 2016 Historic Average
Thies (Volunteer) n/a C

Schutz Lake Subwatershed

Lake 2016 Historic Average
Schutz C C

Six Mile Creek Subwatershed

Lake/Pond 2016 Historic Average
Church n/a C
East Auburn  C C
West Auburn (TRPD/Volunteer) A B
Kelsers (MCWD/Volunteer) A C
Lundsten - North  n/a  
Lundsten - South D F
Marsh n/a  
Parley D D
Piersons B B
Steiger (TRPD) B B
Zumbra (Zumbra-Sunny) (TRPD) A A
Turbid D C
Wassermann C C
Wassermann - West Bay D C


n/a = There was insufficient data

*= Bays not monitored due to water quality similar to adjacent bay (see Key 2) 
Blank = Insufficient number of years of data to calculate average

KEY 2: Lake Minnetonka Bays with Statistically Similar Water Quality

Lower Lake North – Lower Lake South and Wayzata Bay
Carman Bay – Spring Park Bay
Phelps Bay – Spring Park Bay and West Upper Lake
North Arm – Maxwell Bay
Harrisons Bay – West Arm
Smithtown Bay – West Upper Lake


Lakes not monitored by MCWD are monitored by:
MPRB = Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
CAMP = Metropolitan Council Environmental Services' Citizen Assisted Monitoring Program
TRPD = Three Rivers Park District

NOTE: Lake grades are no longer being calculated for wetlands or water bodies with wetland characteristics (e.g., Bass Lake, Diamond Lake, and Mud Lake).