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Initial Results of Christmas Lake Zebra Mussel Response Announced

Eleven days after Zequanox® was applied to an area around the Christmas Lake public boat access in Shorewood, it appeared it may have resulted in 100 percent mortality of the zebra mussels in the treatment area.

Zequanox, a non-chemical treatment that has been federally approved for open water use, was applied to a 50 by 60 foot containment area on September 8. As of September 19, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) staff did not find any live mussels in the treatment zone. The combination of Zequanox and the near-total removal of dissolved oxygen caused by the treatment appear to have killed virtually all of the zebra mussels in the containment area.

In addition to daily monitoring of the containment area, divers have put in at least 125 hours looking for possible signs of zebra mussels in other parts of Christmas Lake. On Friday, September 19, a team of nine divers found approximately 25 zebra mussels on branches up to 50 feet outside the barrier around the containment area and near a tree by the shoreline near the barrier. Those zebra mussels were removed and an additional response is planned.

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